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Frequently Asked Questions

A SIP Trunk allows you to make calls on the internet to any number whether VoIP or PSTN. It is often used together with a PBX, DIDs and VoIP phones for a full business VoIP solution but a SIP Trunk can both be used with a SIP phone alone if your needs require.

When you connect with IP authorisation you can pass any caller id you wish. This required a fixed IP address. If you do not have a fixed IP address you will be restricted to authorising via the username and password from signup. The caller id is fixed via this method.

Both inbound DIDs and full inbound / outbound call plans work with a PBX. A call plan is more limited though as its just one inbound and outbound number, whereas, a single SIP trunk can be used to present multiple DID numbers and you can route each different DID to a different destination e.g. one main switch number and 10 direct dial extension numbers. On the other hand, for a small business a Call Plan can be used without a PBX directly with our servers with a few phones. Each phone will ring when a call comes in. Its more restrictive as you cant hold/transfer calls and there is no IVR but may be more suitable in certain circumstances.

Yes, in your client area you can manage all aspects of your account. You can whitelist IPs for your SIP Trunk, download call history, topup your balance etc.

For the first invoice you are charged until the end of the following month. As the minutes bundle renews on the 1st of the month the recurring invoice date will align with this date from the next invoice.